About us

About us

Company Background

Pro Signage Sdn. Bhd., is one of the most experienced and highly sought signage builder in the region. We are driven by our commitment and responsibility to provide the best services while forging good partnership with all our major suppliers and clients for sustainable growth. We explore, innovate and work closely with our clients and associates in a wide range of signage development.

Our director, Mr. Ho Sin Yau is the prime mover of the company with 20 years of signage research and development supported by a team of well trained and experienced staffs. Having first joined Kingsmen Malaysia, the subsidiary of Kingsmen Group Asia Pacific for 5 years, Mr. Ho has participated in many prestigious projects under the arts and design department, specialising in corporate interiors and environmental retail graphics. He continued to helm directorial roles in Multi Insignia Advertising Sdn. Bhd. and Pro-Sign Advertising Sdn. Bhd. before founding Pro Signage Sdn. Bhd.

Company Vision

We believe in providing the best services by understanding the core value of forms and functions in the effectiveness of visual communication. Therefore, our motto, ‘Committed, Reliability and Driven’ has solidify the platform of our establishment in maintaining valuable service and solution for all our business associates.

Company Services & Information

  • Research and product development
  • Interior and exterior signage consultation and compliance regulation
  • Exhibition and events signage
  • Thematic and museums design
  • Environmental graphics for retail centre and booth
  • Specialist utility and infrastructure signage